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The Legislative District Assistants Program is established to provide general administrative and technical support to the Navajo Nation Council Delegates including but not limited to legislation analysis and research, legislation monitoring, constituent outreach, and governmental liaison responsibilities.

Contact Information:

Council Delegate

Legislative District Assistant



BEGAY, Elmer P.
CHEE, Chelsea Indian Wells, AZ chelseachee@navajo-nsn.gov
BEGAY, Jr., Kee Allen BENALLY, Estelle Blue Gap, AZ elbenally@navajo-nsn.gov
BEGAY, Jr., Paul WILLIAMS, Jerry Bodaway, AZ jerrywilliams@navajo-nsn.gov
BROWN, Nathaniel HOSHNIC, Renae Dennehotso, AZ rhoshnic@navajo-nsn.gov
CHARLES-NEWTON, Eugenia HENDERSON, Tanya Shiprock, NM thenderson@navajo-nsn.gov
CROTTY, Amber Kanazbah GALLEGOS, Patrick Cove, AZ pgallegos@navajo-nsn.gov
DAMON, Seth YAZZIE, Lester C. Tsayatoh, NM lc_yazzie@navajo-nsn.gov
DANIELS, Jr., Herman M. SMALLCANYON, Elsie Sweetwater, AZ easmallcanyon@navajo-nsn.gov
FREELAND, Mark A. WOODY, JR., Ben Crownpoint, NM benwoodyjr@navajo-nsn.gov
HALONA, Pernell BITSILLY, Elvis Tohatchi, NM ebitsilly@navajo-nsn.gov
HENIO, Jamie MARTINEZ, Chancey K. Ramah, NM cmartinez@navajo-nsn.gov
JAMES, Vince R. NELSON, Philandra Ganado, AZ pnelson@navajo-nsn.gov
NEZ, Rickie LAPAHIE, Joni Lower Fruitland, NM


SLATER, Carl R. BEGAYE, Juanelle Tsaile, AZ jbbegaye@navajo-nsn.gov
SLATER, Carl R. HARRISON, Melvin Tsaile, AZ melvinharrison@navajo-nsn.gov
SMITH, Jr., Raymond HARDY, JR., Arthur Lupton, AZ ahardyjr@navajo-nsn.gov
STEWART, JR., Wilson C. BEGAY, Timothy Fort Defiance, AZ tybegay@navajo-nsn.gov
TSO, Charlaine PHILLIPS, Linda Aneth, UT


TSO, Daniel E. VACANT Torreon, NM
TSO, Eugene DEDMAN, JoAnn Chinle, AZ joanndedman@navajo-nsn.gov
TSO, Otto WILLIAMS, Angelita Tuba City, AZ awilliams@navajo-nsn.gov
TSO, Otto HENDERSON, Francine Tuba City, AZ fhenderson@navajo-nsn.gov
WALKER, Jr., Thomas CHEE, Alicia Leupp, AZ amchee@navajo-nsn.gov
WAUNEKA, Edison J. KUIPERS, Elizabeth Oak Springs, AZ ekuipers@navajo-nsn.gov
YAZZIE, Edmund O’KEEFE, Barbara Churchrock, NM barbaraokeefe@navajo-nsn.gov
YELLOWHAIR, Jimmy JOHNS, Gloria J. Pinon, AZ gjjohns@navajo-nsn.gov